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as long as you love me

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 Prince Sehun

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why kibum thinks taemin & naeun go well together

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Tao’s abs ◡‿◡✿. 

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i’m a wolf and you’re a beauty

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suho looks like hes in immense pain when he cries like



little buddy


u ok


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Key on his cameo role in Salamander Guru, a sitcom in which both Minho and Naeun acted in

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zitao doesn’t want byunbaek to touch his butt

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"Hello Suho oppa!!" "Hello, are you a China fan?" "Yes!" "May I know what’s your name? ^ ^" "I…. I’m called "金俊勉在我胯下呻吟" (It’s the Weibo ID of the fan, which means "Kim Junmyeon is moaning under my crotch")!" "The first 3 words seems to be my name, am I right?" "En… (Shy) Just… follow the words on this paper and write~" "Okay ^ ^" "金—俊—勉—在—我—胯—下—呻—吟, it’s pronounced like this right?" "Yes.. (Shy)" Luhan who was sitting beside him lost his jaw (from laughing).



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killing me softly

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